2021 Classes

We are the Active Kids and Creative Kids Dance School approved by the NSW government. You are welcome to use the government coupon of $100 to directly offset the tuition!

A lot of discounts this year!
First, any new student who forwards this article to a circle of friends and gets a like can get a free trial of any class!

Second, all the old students introduce new students to successfully enroll in the whole semester course, the tuition fees of new and old students can be 5% off, the discount can be accumulated, the more introductions, the more discounts! Call your friends and family together to be healthy and beautiful! Please inform us of the introducer when you register.

Third, the more discounted classes, the more discounts, family-based, complete registration of two classes, 5% off cheap lessons; complete registration of three classes, the cheapest lesson 10% off, the second cheaper 5% off. The more classes you have, the more you offer, and join your child’s husband!

Founded in 2016, iDance Dance School is based in Sydney’s Hill area and has top dance teachers in the dance industry. These teachers have won various competitions and have rich teaching experience! The school combines the rigorous study of the Chinese with the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere of the West, allowing each student to learn professional dances in a pleasant environment, truly falling in love with dance and enjoying the dance!

School features:
Professional teacher/professional teaching
Teaching in English/Chinese
Provide a variety of performance opportunities
Year-end large concert
RAD Emperor Ballet Test Center
Free trial
Private education / small class / large class

RAD Ballet Class

Based on the curriculum system of the Royal Dance Academy, the RAD Ballet course keeps children’s interest in ballet in a happy and professional atmosphere. Let the children learn professional ballet movements, create a perfect body posture, and practice beautiful and elegant. temperament. The RAD test certificate is recognized internationally by 83 countries and regions. The Royal College of Ballet’s syllabus has been used in more than 60 countries around the world. It provides standard ballet training materials and grade assessments every year. It is the most suitable ballet teaching material for children’s development.

Miss Shae is a Registered Teacher and Life Member of the Royal Academy of Dancing. Miss Shae has been successfully entering students in Ballet Exams for over 40 years and is a registered mentor for those undertaking their RAD Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies.
Miss Tiffany is a registered ballet dance teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance UK. She has 14 years of teaching RAD ballet to a wide range of age groups and experience levels from Pre-primary to advance. She is very concerned about the details of student dance
【Class】:RAD Ballet Tiny Toes Class(3-4.5 years old)
【Time】:Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
【Class】:RAD Ballet Pre-Primary Class(4.5 years old and above)
【Time】:Sunday 10:30-11:30 AM
【Class】:RAD Ballet Primary Class(5.5 years old and above)
【Time】:Saturday 9:30-10:30 AM
【Class】:RAD Ballet Grade1 Class(6.5 years old and above)
【Time】:Tuesday 3:45-4:45 PM
【Class】:Saturday RAD Ballet Grade #2 Class(7 years old and above)
【Time】:Saturday 4:45-5:45 PM
【Class】:Tuesday RAD Ballet Grade #3 Class (7 years old and above)
【Time】:Tuesday 4:45-5:45 PM
Children’s Chinese Dance Class
The children’s Chinese dance class is based on the Beijing Dance Academy’s textbooks, step by step, and learns from the basic skills of dance, which is very suitable for children’s physical development. Each class consists of physical training, softness training, and a small mix of children’s tracks. If you want your child’s basic dance skills to be more solid, please choose a Chinese dance class!
2019 The Sydney China Government’s large-scale Chinese annual event is the largest Chinese in Australia’s history to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Our Chinese dance is selected to be performed at Circular Quey, which is a recognition of our school Chinese dance! Learning China in Australia Dance, definitely make you the most dazzling Star.

Teacher presentation:
Yuan Yuan teacher: a national senior dancer, dance teacher, choreographer. He has been engaged in dance for 17 years, specializing in Chinese folk dance, classical dance and modern dance. He has participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Torch Relay, the CCTV Global Live Mid-Autumn Evening Party, the Paralympic Games, large-scale dance dramas and so on. The dance competition has won several gold awards and served as a judge of the Australian Dance Competition.

Teacher Livia introduced: Beijing dance students are qualified for Chinese dance examination teachers, and are good at teaching Chinese classical dance, national dance and children’s dance basic training.

【Class】:Chinese dance children 2-3 (over 6 years old)
【Time】: Friday 3:45-4:45 PM
【Class】:Chinese dance children level 2 (4-5 years old)
 【Time】:Friday 4:45-5:45 PM
【Class】:Chinese dance children level 1 (3-4 years old)
【Time】:Saturday 9:30-10:30AM / Wednesday, 10:00-11:00AM
【Class】:Chinese dance children 1-2 (5 years old and above)
【Time】:Saturday 10:30-11:30AM / Wednesday  4:00-5:00 PM
Children’s Latin dance class
The Latin dance class carried out children’s Latin dance and adult Latin dance. Based on five Latin dances: precisely, Lombard, Samba, Bullfighting, Cowboy. The teaching method combines the basic dance steps of professional Latin and the joyful routine dance, and strives to cultivate the graceful posture and self-confidence of the students! Organize students to participate in various Latin competitions in Australia, let the students apply what they have learned, and quickly improve themselves in the competition!
Teacher presentation:
Teacher Wendy: Australian Latin Dance Country representative player. Australian New Star and the two-time New Zealand Latin Dance Competition champion. He has represented Australia many times in the world Latin dance competitions and performances. Australian first-level Latin dance teacher qualification certificate. Received several Australian Latin championships.
Teacher Daniel:Daniel first entered the world of dance when he was 9 years old and his love for it has only grown since. He is a driven competitor in the Amateur Latin field of Dancesport, striving for excellence on the world stage. In 2016, he was a finalist in both the 10-Dance National Dancesport Championship Titles and NSW Open Latin Dancesport Championship. Daniel’s love for dance has evolved into a great passion for teaching that also extends beyond the dance floor. He has 8 years of teaching experience, teaching students of all ages and abilities at various studios throughout Sydney, where he is based. He holds his Level 1 Accreditation in both Ballroom and Latin.
In view of the characteristics of children’s Latin dance, in addition to the Latin dance basic class, we are suitable for zero-based students. For the basic students, there are special classes for Latin dance. Each class has 2-6 people. Children with similar levels are arranged in a small class. Children in small classes will have more opportunities to participate in various Latin competitions and performances.

[Class]: Children’s Latin Dance Foundation Class (5 years old and above)
[Time]: Thursday/Friday 5:00-6:00 PM

[Class]: Children’s Latin dance advanced class (2-6 per class) (6 years old and above)
[Time]: Thursday 6:00-7:00PM / Friday 6:00-7:00 PM

[Class]: Latin dance adult class
[Time]: Tuesday 10:00-11:30AM

[Class]: Latin dance adult class
[Time]: Friday night 7:30-9:00PM

Children’s street dance class
The street dance class is the most popular and dynamic class, and is very popular among boys! In a relaxed and pleasant environment, based on the basic dance steps of learning street dance, rhythm training and learning various combinations of finished dance!
Teacher presentation:

Teacher Vincent introduced: 10 years of street dance experience, the main dance style locking, went to many countries to learn Locking with the world champion. Won the championship and runner-up in the Australian Street Dance Competition. Representing Australian countries in foreign street dance competitions, absorbing a lot of rich experience. Frequently invited to judges and lectures in street dance competitions throughout Australia.

[Class]: Monday street dance children class (3-5 years old or older)
[Time]: Every Monday afternoon 4:00-5:00

[Class]: Saturday Street Dance Children Class (6 years old and above)
[Time]: Every Saturday afternoon 3:15-4:15

Children’s popular jazz class and adult pop jazz class

Jazz dance is a very dynamic rhythm dance, and it is also the most popular dance now. No matter on the stage, MTV can be seen everywhere, the rhythm is very obvious, and it is very suitable for the stage performance dance. Our popular jazz dance class uses the strong rhythm of popular dance music as the basic routine jazz dance training. Each semester will have a professional teacher’s choreography suitable for everyone’s level, so that the students can express themselves in the dance and increase their self-confidence!

Teacher presentation:
Teacher Ina:
2008-2011 Shanghai THE ONE Street Dance Studio, serving as Street Jazz/reggae street dance instructor and commercial choreographer
2015 Sydney City Hall hosts Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival guests and choreographers
2015 Hong Kong TVB Beauty Contest, Sydney Regional Final Performers and Choreographers
2016 Sydney Opera House Eternal Tina Star Concert Performing guests and choreographers
2016 Australia Australia Miss China Selection Sydney Division Carrie Personal Talent Guide
2017 Sydney, Australia [Wo Lin Star Show] Champion Championship
2018 Iqiyi Blood Australia invited group competition choreographer
[Class]: Popular Jazz Children’s Class on Saturday (5 years old and above)
[Time]: Every Saturday afternoon 4:30-5:30
[Class]: Popular Jazz adult class on Saturday
[Time]: Every Saturday afternoon 5:45-6:45
Adult belly dance class
The belly dance class is a dance that highlights the waist, stomach and hips, and achieves visually stunning results by synchronizing with the rhythm of the music through fast and powerful shaking. For girls who are sedentary and do not like sports, the waist, stomach and buttocks are the most prone to accumulate fat. Belly dance is a more targeted dance, so girls with partial obesity are very suitable for practicing this dance. .
Teacher presentation:
Teacher Sylvia introduced: One of the founders of the Chinese Harbin Belly Dance Training Institute, who taught belly dance in 2010 for 7 years, has followed many international top belly dance masters and performed with many domestic and foreign masters. Participated in the professional belly dance competition and won the award. Mr. Moxi has rich teaching experience, diverse styles and attention to detail. The teaching atmosphere is active and patient, and is good at communicating with the students. The basic skills of the company are solid, the concept is advancing with the times, and the ability to dance and control is strong. It is good at Oriental, Khaleeji, Beledi, Tarab, PopSong, DrumSolo, and many Egyptian dances such as shawls and canes.
[Class]: Tuesday belly dance adult class
[Time]: Every Tuesday at 12:30-2:00
[Class]: Saturday belly dance adult class
[Time]: Every Saturday at 11:30-1:00
Adult form + classical dance
Train the perfect combination of body, dance and music. Starting from the basic skills of dance, physical training, combined with Chinese classical dance, elegant posture, manners! Enjoy the dance and love the dance!
Teacher presentation:
Yuan Yuan teacher: a national senior dancer, dance teacher, choreographer. He has been engaged in dance for 17 years, specializing in Chinese folk dance, classical dance and modern dance. He has participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Torch Relay, the CCTV Global Live Mid-Autumn Evening Party, the Paralympic Games, large-scale dance dramas and so on. The dance competition has won several gold awards and served as a judge of the Australian Dance Competition.
[Class]: adult form + classical dance class
[Time]: Every Friday at 12:30-2:00
The yoga class is the most open course we have received and is well received by everyone. The following yoga classes are offered: Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yoga, Yin Yoga, Iyanger Yoga,

Teacher presentation:
All teachers are 200-hour registered teachers of Yoga Alliance RYT; registered teachers of Yoga Australia. Our courses are available in Chinese and English. You can choose your own!

Devil Training Camp / High-efficiency Fat Burning Course / Short-Term Training Course
The most popular fitness class, recommended by countless beautiful women, the effect is remarkable! Each class is a combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Each class has independent content and continuity, including tabata, high-intensity interval training HIIT, dumbbell training, abdominal muscle training, allowing you to burn body fat, licking meat, and carving muscle lines. As long as you persist, you can see yourself differently.

*The above are all real pictures of the students
Teacher presentation:
MissQ: Senior sports master, not only has many years of professional personal fitness experience, but also helped most of the surrounding friends to open the fitness road in the experience of many years. She will use the professional background knowledge and years of professional fitness experience to create a road for everyone.
The iDance Dance School is invited to participate in various dance performances every year. Welcome everyone who loves dance to join us!
1. My child is less than 3 years old. What class can I sign up for?
The 3-year-old child belongs to the dance enlightenment stage and is suitable for ballet classes and Chinese dance enlightenment classes. Other dances require more than 5 years old.
2, can I try it? I am worried that I have no talent for dancing.
Starting from this issue, all of our children’s classes offer free trials in different forms, and adult classes can also get free trial opportunities by forwarding the article.
All children love music and dance, and what we have to do is to tap their potential. Not every child has to be a professional dancer, but dance will bring them the beauty and temperament of their lives.
For adults, practice and persistence are the most important things, no matter how much time you have learned before, and how much time you will get. Find the way you like to exercise, stick to it, you will harvest a healthy body, outstanding temperament, beautiful life.
3. If I have not come to class, can I refund the money? Can you make up the class?
All children’s classes do not offer refunds and do not offer remedial classes.
Adult classes do not provide refunds, dance classes can provide remedial classes, depending on whether the class is full or not, and the remedial course is limited to this semester. You can’t come to class for personal reasons. Our teacher’s fee is the same as the venue fee, so please understand and consider the registration.
4. Do you have a chance to perform? Is there a concert at the end of the year?
We have a lot of performance opportunities. For children’s classes, we hope that each student can participate in various performances. For adult classes, see the individual wishes of the students. At the end of each year, the school will have a large-scale presentation performance, and everyone can come on stage to show themselves.
客服微信:idance-sydney 或者扫描上面二维码
舞蹈室地址:41/7 Hoyle Ave, Castle Hill