Belly Dance

Adult belly dance class
The belly dance class is a dance that highlights the waist, stomach and hips, and achieves visually stunning results by synchronizing with the rhythm of the music through fast and powerful shaking. For girls who are sedentary and do not like sports, the waist, stomach and buttocks are the most prone to accumulate fat. Belly dance is a more targeted dance, so girls with partial obesity are very suitable for practicing this dance. .
Teacher presentation:
Teacher Sylvia introduced: One of the founders of the Chinese Harbin Belly Dance Training Institute, who taught belly dance in 2010 for 7 years, has followed many international top belly dance masters and performed with many domestic and foreign masters. Participated in the professional belly dance competition and won the award. Mr. Moxi has rich teaching experience, diverse styles and attention to detail. The teaching atmosphere is active and patient, and is good at communicating with the students. The basic skills of the company are solid, the concept is advancing with the times, and the ability to dance and control is strong. It is good at Oriental, Khaleeji, Beledi, Tarab, PopSong, DrumSolo, and many Egyptian dances such as shawls and canes.
[Class]: Tuesday belly dance adult class
[Time]: Every Tuesday at 12:30-2:00
[Class]: Saturday belly dance adult class
[Time]: Every Saturday at 11:30-1:00