Children’s street dance class
The street dance class is the most popular and dynamic class, and is very popular among boys! In a relaxed and pleasant environment, based on the basic dance steps of learning street dance, rhythm training and learning various combinations of finished dance!
Teacher presentation:

Teacher Vincent introduced: 10 years of street dance experience, the main dance style locking, went to many countries to learn Locking with the world champion. Won the championship and runner-up in the Australian Street Dance Competition. Representing Australian countries in foreign street dance competitions, absorbing a lot of rich experience. Frequently invited to judges and lectures in street dance competitions throughout Australia.


[Class]: Monday street dance children class (3-5 years old or older)
[Time]: Every Monday afternoon 4:00-5:00


[Class]: Saturday Street Dance Children Class (6 years old and above)
[Time]: Every Saturday afternoon 3:15-4:15


Children’s popular jazz class and adult pop jazz class

Jazz dance is a very dynamic rhythm dance, and it is also the most popular dance now. No matter on the stage, MTV can be seen everywhere, the rhythm is very obvious, and it is very suitable for the stage performance dance. Our popular jazz dance class uses the strong rhythm of popular dance music as the basic routine jazz dance training. Each semester will have a professional teacher’s choreography suitable for everyone’s level, so that the students can express themselves in the dance and increase their self-confidence!

Teacher presentation:
Teacher Ina:
2008-2011 Shanghai THE ONE Street Dance Studio, serving as Street Jazz/reggae street dance instructor and commercial choreographer
2015 Sydney City Hall hosts Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival guests and choreographers
2015 Hong Kong TVB Beauty Contest, Sydney Regional Final Performers and Choreographers
2016 Sydney Opera House Eternal Tina Star Concert Performing guests and choreographers
2016 Australia Australia Miss China Selection Sydney Division Carrie Personal Talent Guide
2017 Sydney, Australia [Wo Lin Star Show] Champion Championship
2018 Iqiyi Blood Australia invited group competition choreographer
[Class]: Popular Jazz Children’s Class on Saturday (5 years old and above)
[Time]: Every Saturday afternoon 4:30-5:30
[Class]: Popular Jazz adult class on Saturday
[Time]: Every Saturday afternoon 5:45-6:45